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    Meaning, the culture of the site can tell you a lot about what type of guys hang out there and whether they are more interested in finding someone for serious online dating or seek casual meet ups.

    Who is don diamont dating

    He then struck up a flirtation with Katie after he helped her out upon finding her drunk in a bar.

    Bill managed his takeover of Forrester and named Katie CEO.

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    * Came to Los Angeles to take over the west coast office after his father died.

    * Bill teamed up with Stephanie to produce a webcast. * Married to Katie Logan * Father of Liam Cooper/William Spencer III. He came to Los Angeles to take over the west coast office after his father died.

    They’ve battled supervillains and evil twins, been stalked and kidnapped by sex-crazed women and buried beneath the rubble of countless collapsed buildings. I had a scene where George wrapped his legs around the head of this bad guy and snapped his neck. ” That’s when you know you’ve stayed too long at the party. How do they ], I remember being really concerned about how we could have all that intimacy on screen and not have it mess with us. We were lucky because we fought our way out of that, but a lot of actors don’t. Nichols: Mary Beth and I have had our ups and downs, but there is such a deep level of trust between us. What if I take a chance and try that tempting apple? I wasn’t willing to take the risk and now I’m so glad I didn’t. I went here and went there and did guest spots and TV movies. I hated being gone from my kids for weeks at a time on location. I was missing out on the great experience of life—raising children. He wrote me into the show within two weeks, no hard feelings. I remember getting very dark and depressed at one point and my father saying, “You’re in a game where the phone could ring at any time and it will change your world.” And now you’re juggling on the last shooting day right before Christmas.

    But they’ve also overcome two things that are way more frightening: obscurity and unemployment! We’re not afraid to tell each other anything—or tell each other off—and it has helped us stay connected. It came out of the blue and was pretty unexplainable, but it turned out to be the best thing for my career.

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    However, Bill’s wife Katie got wind of the deception and was willing to blow Bill’s deceit sky-high, except he took drastic measures to make sure the info wouldn’t come out. Heather Tom (Katie) and Don Diamont (Bill) sat down with us to talk about the complexities of playing their feisty on-screen romance, and clued us in if Steffy would indeed be the ultimate spoiler in their relationship…

    We corralled six of the hottest, hunkiest daytime stars of the Reagan era for )—and sat them down for a straight-shooting talk about stardom and survival. When things are rocky with us and a scene just isn’t working, Mary Beth will say, “Look in my eyes. ” Shriner: Actors need a place to report to, a place to belong. Martinez: Lane Davies [who played Mason on ] used to describe it as “the simple dignity of having somewhere to go.” Is it hard watching some of your costars go on to great success in primetime and film while you remain in the suds? Two months later I got a call from his son, Brad Bell, at .

    All are still in the game: Nichols, Shriner and Davidson continue in the roles that put them on the suds map, while Martinez is now Eduardo Hernandez on . Look in my eyes.” And we’re instantly where we need to be. Time to put on that Scotty suit.” And they took me back. With the exception of Selleck and Stamos and very few others, most primetime stars of the ’80s can’t get arrested now. Diamont: We’ve seen ’em come and we’ve seen ’em go…and here we are!

    If I was still sporting that shag haircut, that wouldn’t be good. VIDEO: Why the ’80s Was the Golden Age of Soaps How crazy did the fandom get? I think Bill would have had us doing soft porn if they’d allowed it. Martinez: Cruz was drugged and raped by a woman and got her pregnant, even though he was unconscious. ” Nichols: It wasn’t the ’80s unless you were trapped—in an elevator, a cave-in, an imploding building.

    When the screaming died down, we were stuck out there going, “Uh, now what? Diamont: I had to drop my towel as I walked into the shower so you got to see wet butt cheek. Davidson: Our boss, Bill Bell, was big on realism, but there were complaints from America—especially from people who hadn’t seen it but were offended at the very idea.

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